Lúka and Brynhildur

Lúka was  founded in February 2009 and its philosophy revolves around quality and joy.

Designer and manager is Brynhildur Þórðardóttir. She has a BA degree in textile and fashion design from the Iceland Academy of the Arts and holds a master’s degree in technical textiles and performance clothing from the University of Leeds. She has among other things worked as a textile and fashion designer for ZOON and Varma. Brynhildur has also worked as a costume designer for Poppoli Pictures and has been nominated for the Edda Prize for her work. She has worked as an artistic consultant for artists and as a stylist for other designers. Today, Brynhildur works as a designer and teacher, provides interior consulting, works on product development for various companies and designs socks for Smart Socks.

Lúka Art & Design is a small design studio. We have been working intermittently since the beginning of 2009. The company’s philosophy has always been about quality and joy, our products are colourful and lively and the policy was immediately put into production in Iceland and the company initially worked in the field of visual arts and design. Lúka has held several art exhibitions and set up an installation in GalleríBOX in Akureyri called Knitted World of Lúka. The company also participated in exhibitions by The Icelandic Fashion Council and participated in Showroom Reykjavik several times and exhibited at the Reykjavik Fashion Festival. Lúka has also participated in Copenhagen Fashion Week and is aiming to participate in design exhibitions in Europe. Today, Lúka offers a variety of household goods such as blankets, cutting boards, serving trays, mirrors and candle holders.


Cozy Living by Lúka

The home collection Cozy Living by Lúka is about cozy atmosphere, inner peace and tranquility. The products are environmentally friendly and sustainable, they are manufactured locally in Iceland and offer an integrated overall look for the home. Cozy Living by Lúka helps us to experience quality moments, whether by ourselves or in the company of others. The collection was first premiered at DesignMarch 2019 and has since been in continuous development. The products we offer are for example candlesticks, blankets, pallets and serving trays, mirrors, tables, shelves and mobiles. The items are made from natural raw materials such as birch, oak and wool, but also steel, concrete, glass and recycled plastic. Lúka works with soothing colors, where brown tones are predominant along with red, yellow, blue and gray. The shapes and the patterns in the collection are all derived from the company logo, but the circular shape is included as it is the perfect shape.